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We took 2 boat tours up the Bosphorous with İBO  TOURS company. It was recommended to us by our hotel.The first one we took was a half day tour with lunch and people could swim in the Black Sea. Lunch was really nice :). My friends and I chose not to swim we got off and relaxed with some ice cream instead.Towards the end of the trip there was some Turkish Dancing this was most enjoyable to watch :). It was a very nice relaxing start to our trip. A week into our trip we decided to take another tour with the company. This tour was fantastic. We got taken to Ortakoy a previous fishing village, the village had lots of nice little markets After this we were taken to Kucusu palace (the smallest ottoman palace). The tour guide Aslan was extremely informative with his knowledge regarding the ottoman empire. We were also taken to Rumeli fortress. From the fortress we saw the most spectacular views of Istanbul. After this the company dropped us off at Dolmabace palace. The company were great in that they would pick you up from your hotel and drop you off wherever you needed to be. The staff were really friendly too. A definite must do in Istanbul.

Visited August 2013
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Discover Istanbul on the FULL DAY Bosphorus & Black Sea Cruise Tour

It’s a unique, pleasant, honest and informative cruise and the best city activity!

Our knowledge will provide you to see true beauty of Bosphorus and Black Sea.

Europe – Asia and Black Sea Cruise on the Bosphorus: Discover the impressive sights along the shores of Bosphorus, the waterway that divides Europe and Asia continents.. Visit the most spectacular landmarks with a Professional tour guide by the boat.

Optional half day morning and half day afternoon tours are available also with a minibus combination.

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